Main Owner:     Pho Dong Village

Agencies:         i7lab

Creative Field:   Photography, Rendering Still Picture, Panorama 

Project year:     2018

From the conception of Oriental Feng Shui: East brings Fresh Wood element that symbolizes powerful Dragon, representing blossom Spring. At the same time, the talented architect of PhoDong Village has fully appied philosophy between flows of Wind and Warter in relation to Heaven, Earth and Human to create a unique green urban, harmony with nature and highlights the graceful Royal Poinciana trees, which are considered a royal species among the tropical family.

The Royal Poinciana trees are lined along the main road on a Dragon land (where it is seen as a convergence of the most abundant vitality), PhoDong Village not only gives residents the ultimate peaceful retreat experience, but is also creating an extremely delicate living space throughout the four seasons.


The Sol Villas is one of the most luxury and also the heart of Pho Dong Village, in which is architectural designed and develop by Mr. Thierry Van De Wyngaert, former President of the French Academy of Architecture acting as an architectural advisor.